Fur Patrol “Beautiful”

1999-fur-patrol-beautiful“Beautiful” is a sweet love song with a dark edge and delightful lyrics like “you are the best thing that’s happened to me / since I fell on my face on Tuesday”. But Fur Patrol being Fur Patrol, they’re not going to make a cute, quirky video. No, they’re going to get a little weird.

Lead singer Julia plays a truck who’s singing the song in ode to her driver. To this effect, she’s strapped to the front of the truck, wearing a sort of black body suit, with bright red hair and matching eye make-up. And oddly it works, in a Thomas the Tank Engine way. It’s Julia the truck!

Her other half is a tattooed truckie who finished up his cup of tea then gets inside his truck, whereon a look of bliss appears on her face. She likes it when he’s all up inside her.

Also in the truck are the rest of the band. They’re in the trailer, suspended from the ceiling, swinging from side to side as the truck travels along. And that’s cool, but it’s not as cool as Julia the truck. When the truck starts moving, it genuinely looks like it’s her on the truck, not a stunt double.

The “Beautiful” video has a splendid sense of humour but it makes a much more compelling companion to the song than a straighter, more typical music video would have achieved. I just hope that the truck driver take his truck out more often.

Best bit: the truck driver’s diner is played by the much missed Kenny’s on Courtenay Place.

Director: Greg Page
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… barbecue, reggae.

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