Head Like A Hole “Juicy Lucy”

1998-hlah-juicy-lucyHead Like A Hole: The Porno Years continues with “Juicy Lucy”. I think this song is about delicious fruit smoothies, or something.

Taking a break from the leather ‘n’ latex fetish world of their previous video, the HLAH boys head to the country, where an old barn is their base for this video. They’re also dressed in business suits, which makes the video feel like something produced on a team-building away day.

The band all come across like they’re very pleased with themselves for having made a hilarious video in a barn. But it lacks the charm of older videos, feeling like they’re going through an awkward transition from their younger rapscallion selves to more a grown-up version.

Just to keep the slightly unusual style going, a dalmatian wanders around, and we see a 30 km/h road sign and a marching band glockenspiel. There’s a bit of Beatles/Monkees-esque malarky, which makes me wonder how much cooler the video could have been if they’d moved even further from the sexy lyrics and just made an all-out mental-as video.

Best bit: the cool dalmatian and his canine friend.

Director: Marc Swadel
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… unhappy holiday.

2 thoughts on “Head Like A Hole “Juicy Lucy””

  1. I did this one.. or more to the point – the band did. They decided they did NOT want to have anyone make another video for them..at this point.. and I actually had my 16mm cam taped up with an arrow pointing to where the ‘shoot’ button was – and they pretty much shot it themselves.

    It was shot in the bands ‘practice barn’.

    I enjoyed it. They enjoyed it. I think 🙂

    1. It does have a bit of a DIY feel to it, or at least the sort of thing that bands today make when they’re mucking around on YouTube. They do all look like they’re enjoying themselves!

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