Sina “Don’t Be Shy”

1998-sina-dont-be-shyPreviously known for being “sweet Sina” singing the chorus of “How Bizarre”, Sina went solo with the sunny “Don’t Be Shy”.

The video is very simple, with Sina in an almost empty, windowless room, accompanied only by a chair, a bed and a guitar. This could be really dull, but the video was directed by Mark Tierney so it has style. It’s nicely lit, with some of that high-contrast lighting that was cool in the ’90s.

Though strangely enough, some of the camera angles aren’t so flattering. Sina’s wearing a halterneck top, and – as any disciple of Trinny and Susannah knows – a halterneck top on a larger-bosomed woman can look like a giant monoboob extending from the neck. This happens in a few shots and I’m surprised these made the final cut.

But monoboobs aside, this is a good, simple video that is a fine introduction to Sina as a solo artist. And indeed this piece of summery South Pacific pop made it to #2 in the charts.

Best bit: the brief glimpse of Sina’s jandal-clad feet.

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… the assassin, the crazy man and the rock star.

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  1. Sina is happy in South Auckland with her kids. She does backing vocals for Alan Jansson’s studio work from time to time.

    She recorded an album for Huh! but after Universal bought PolyGram they refused to release it, concentrating instead on Deep Obsession (who went on to lose close to a million bucks for the company – the guy who signed them got promoted to head of Australia as is the way in major label land). For legal reasons it’s never been released but it is quite lovely.

    The follow up to this ‘Boy’ was named best NZ pop song of 1998 by the Listener and features in the soundtrack of What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted.

    1. True Simon; I would love for Sinas Music to be rebooted and Launched Just Like Tina Turners and Olivas was

  2. Hi all – I remember this from 1999 – Where did our love go. If anyone knows where to get that music video please let me know 🙂 !

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