Graham Brazier “Long Gone For Good”

1998-graham-brazier-long-gone-for-goodGoing solo after the world of Hello Sailor, Graham enters a stylish, noirish world of the night, where three bad people each end up dead in the boot of a car. But is this the real life or is it just a revenge fantasy?

Guided by the lyrics, there’s Shorty, who “thinks he’s a big man”, but meets a grisley fate after drugging a woman; Nancy the lurex-clad stripper who throws a jiggling client (eeeew) out of a high building; and a salesman (played by Paolo Rotondo) whose manic sales pitch ends with his beheading.

During the instrumental break, the screen splits into thirds and all three stories are simultaenously shown again, each ending with the same car in the same dark alley.

It’s left unclear whether there really are three murders or if it’s just a dark fantasy of stressed out individuals living tough lives.

This grimy world is left behind with Graham finding a smashed bottle of milk on his sunny suburban doorstep. Hey, that’s milk in bottles, even though back in 1998 milk was widely available in cartons and plastic bottles. But was it really smashed? Perked up by a cup of instant, Graham finishes the video by just playing the song, then he’s gone.

Best bit: the salesman’s glamorous mannequin prop.

Director: Marek Sumich
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… micro tick, macro tock.

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