Slim “Bullet in my Hand”

1998-slim-bullet-in-my-handShihad’s labelmates Slim came from the remains of Pumpkinhead. “Bullet in my Hand” is a satisfactory short and punky tune that looks to have been directed by guitarist/singer Aaron Hogg.

It’s obviously a low-budget job. Most of the video is static shots of the band playing in a bare studio, almost as if they set up the camera on a tripod, hit record and went for it. The shots aren’t always framed with much artistry. A lot of the video involves the lead singer’s head right up close to the camera. That’s fine, but some contrast would be good.

The unremarkable studio footage is spiced up a little with digital graphic flashing in quick succession. It’s a reminder that effects like this were becoming cheaper and more accessible.

And things get even more exciting when the lights go out, Aaron loses his shirt and the video becomes a rapid kaleidoscope of darkness, colour, skin and scowls. These bits are more effective than the main studio shots, but for a DIY effort without a major label behind them, it’s not a bad effort.

Best bit: the power leap, an injection of rock showmanship.

Director: Marc Swadel
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… feelin’ it on the road.

2 thoughts on “Slim “Bullet in my Hand””

  1. Slim came from the remains of Pumpkinhead via Gluefist. The Bullet in My Hand EP had some Gluefist demos as the ‘B’ side.

    The video captures a lot of the feel and energy of how I remember them playing live, although I don’t recall ever getting that close-up to Aaron when I saw them.

  2. Not sure what happened but that feel and energy didn’t make it onto the album for me. I loved this and “Rise Up”, and seeing them live, but the “Drive Thru” just didn’t quite capture it.

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