Shihad “Interconnector”

1998-shihad-interconnector“Interconnector” was a track off “The Blue Light Disco EP”, right in the middle of Shihad at their absolute peak.

Directed by Julian Boshier, the video starts with a squeal and a crash, with the band walking to their instruments in a hail of feedback. Shot with a strong blue tint, the band kicks off with the tense, energetic song.

Jon has newly short hair, accessorised with a dog collar, eyeliner and a shiny blue shirt. Weirdly enough, his look reminds me of the sort of thing the Feelers were wearing around this time. I’ll just chalk it up to fashion.

The rest of the band are dressed more subtly in black, but they’re still very much part of the video, with the camera rotating around the band on a circular dolly track.

Throughout the video, various words are highlighted with on-screen graphics, using a blue neon-style font. BULLSHIT, THAT’S TRUE, HOPE, ME + MY TV and GARBAGE flash on screen, but it’s not entirely successful. For a start, the text is up very briefly and the font isn’t so easy to read. But the chosen words seem to have been picked at random. Some choice nouns flash up, but what kind of statement is made with TO DO or GOT?

I like the simplicity of this video. Ignore the graphics and it’s a really good portrait of Shihad as a solid rock unit.

Best bit: Jon’s non-lipsync of the F word.

Director: Julian Boshier
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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