Greg Johnson “Comet Song”

1997-greg-johnson-comet-songOutside a Masonic lodge, a man stands with his arms around a power pole. He looks downcast, as if the old wooden pole is the one remaining thing in the world he can turn to. Meanwhile, inside the lodge, Greg Johnson and band play the song in a large empty, carpeted room, as if offering commentary on the fellow outside.

The video is directed by Paul Casserly and has lashings of his wit and style. There’s a seperation between the two worlds. The pole-hugger is shot in black and white, while Greg indoors lives in a cool blue world.

Many passersby try to help the pole-hugger (played by Ian Hughes), which is slightly reminiscent of Radiohead’s “Just” video. A bosomy woman, a man with an important book, a bewigged lady, and a mysterious masked woman all try to shout, rant, pout and rage him out of his state of pole love.

But it doesn’t work. Just as Greg Johnson sings of one man’s troubled love for a woman, the pole-hugger only has eyes for the pole. Just try to tear them apart.

Best bit: Jodie Rimmer’s reverse wigging.

Director: Paul Casserly
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… a duck, a man, some balloons and a chicken.

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