Bailter Space “Dome”

1997-bailterspace-domeThe star of the “Dome” video is “Miyata Jiro”, a performance art robotic businessman – a “corporation solider” – that crawls along the ground in his nice suit. It’s the work of New York-based Japanese performance artist Momoyo Torimitsu, who also appears in the video as the businessman’s nurse/technician.

Momoyo created the work as a commentary on the Japanese salaryman, but its new context outside the New York Stock Exchange works just as well, if not better. And 15 years later, it has even more layers of meaning, worthy of a heaving sigh at the shitness of the modern world of finance.

As Jiro-san crawls along Wall Street, the Marc Swadel-directed video cuts this with footage of Bailterspace performing, New York city life, black and white scenes from the subway, and a visit to Battery Park, previously seen in Madonna’s “Into the Groove” video.

Finally, the corportation soldier is carted off on a stretcher. Evidently the nurse’s fix-up job on his bottom was not enough to fully repair his system error.

Best bit: the nurse’s repair job on the businessman’s bottom.

Director: Marc Swadel
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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