Bike “Welcome to my World”

1997-bike-welcome-to-my-worldBike finally cheer up and have a bit of fun in one of their music videos. “Welcome to my World” is based around a Kiwi caravan holiday, set some time in the late 1970s.

There’s Dad, played by Ian Hughes, wearing walk socks, Stubbies and a towelling hat for period authenticity. He’s joined by Mum and their son, and with a caravan in tow they head off to a seaside motorcamp.

But it turns out there are three stowaways on board. We discover Bike inside the caravan, playing the song as they’re tossed about with Dad’s distracted driving. A policeman notices and pulls the car over, where we discover – gasp – the cop is played by Shayne Carter!

Jonathan King has directed other videos for Bike, and his treatment for this video works well. It manages to add humour to the video, cleverly letting the band be the straight men in a world of comedic chaos.

The happy campers eventually arrive at Sunnyglade Camping Ground but – uh oh – there’s a gas leak in the caravan. Oh guys, always disconnect the gas bottle when in transit. And always check your caravan for stowaway indie bands, especially ones who like to smoke. Kaboom!

Best bit: Dad’s messy attempt at eating his ice cream. Hey, we’ve all been there.

Director: Jonathan King
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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4 thoughts on “Bike “Welcome to my World””

  1. I had a vision of Shayne Carter in mirror shades as a cop … and he was very obliging!

    And Ian Hughes was on fire as hectored dad — doing what he does brilliantly: small, wonderfully observed funny stuff.

  2. I remember working on this vid for Mr King – I got to drive back from the location (Maraetai) into the city to pick up Shayne, drive him out there, and then back to town at the end of the shoot. The drive was about an hour each way. Ended up talking about Sly and the Family Stone with Shayne, he’d just scored a boxset of them from Real Groovy. Was impressed that Shayne was on the funk tip. Then he dropped the first Dimmer album a few years later, and that has swags of funk. Plus, they mighty Gary Sullivan, NZ’s funkiest rock drummer.

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