D-Faction “Pride”

1996-d-faction-prideD-Faction is a group that I’ve discovered through 5000 Ways and every song of theirs delights me. “Pride” is a positive, uplifting song with a solid line-up. As the YouTube description notes, there’s Tony T and Maryanne on vocals, Ron La Praed of the Commodores on bass, Dave Talea doing some ragga rap, as well as Cook Island drummers.

The video places the band against overlapping tapa cloth backdrops. The band members are always seen individually, which might be a way to disguise the band not all being available on the same day for the video shoot.

After watching the Bressa Creeting Cake and Cicada videos get all conceptual and surreal, it’s really refreshing to watch a video that’s just about the band performing the song, looking like they’re enjoying themselves. It feels rather old-fashioned and conservative to say this, but sometimes it’s nice to see a video with no plot, no actors, just music.

Best bit: the little kid drummer. He’s having a good time.

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… it’s a hootenanny, y’all!

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