Nothing At All! “Get Some”

1996-nothing-at-all-get-someNothing At All! return with more crazy-fool antics. This time around, good fortune has come their way, with Dion stumbling across a briefcase containing $20,000 cash, earlier lost from a security van. And remember, kids, this was 1996, so $20,000 was a lot of money back then.

With this newfound booty in hand, Dion does what most of us would do in a similar situation: he orders a stretch limo. Collecting his mates from their lowly jobs (newstand guy and forecourt attendant), the lads set off drinking sparkling wine and tooting party whistles.

They finish off their big day by getting a haircut at a fancy salon, and finally enjoy cigars with a cigar-smoking seriousness that only a young man can manage. This is all cut with footage of the band playing the song live with plenty of their usual energy.

Like “Busted”, this is another Andrew Moore directed video, and it’s also unashamedly set in Auckland. There are ordinary landmarks galore, and it’s strangely exotic getting a glimpse of lower Queen Street back when it was a pedestrian mall.

I kind of wish that the Nothing At All! party limo from the ’90s would drive by and pick me up.

Best bit: a cameo appearance from a vintage ’90s Fanta can.

Director: Andrew Moore

Next… check in to the Moturemu Motel.

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