Bressa Creeting Cake “Palm Singing”

1996-bressa-creeting-cake-palm-singingActor and comedian Jonathan Brugh stands in for Messers Bressa, Creeting and Cake, hamming it up every second of the video, which led to some people actually thinking he was in the band (along with his triplets?).

For a song with a sunny tropical feel, the video starts off in Little Shoal Bay, admid mangrove swamps, pleasure yachts and with the harbour bridge glistening in the background.

Jonathan then jumps on his bike and heads to the countryside, chaining his bike to a lone phoenix palm in the middle of a field. And when I say chain, it’s a thick old rusty chain, probably stolen off a haunted pirate ship.

Some shadowy black-cloaked figures seem to be up to no good. The hero ends up atop an Auckland high rise, again playing the song, then drives down a palm-lined street, and finally joins the black-cloaked figures for a game of Connect Four. All this is completely normal in the world of Bressa Creeting Cake.

Best bit: Jonathan’s lol face just before he joins in with the Connect Four.

Directors: Ed Cake, Michael Keating
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… following the script.

One thought on “Bressa Creeting Cake “Palm Singing””

  1. I once heard someone singing along but they thought the song went “I, I; I’m singin'”. It made me wonder if that was actually the original lyric and le Cake changed it to make things tropical.

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