Purest Form “U Can Do It”

1995-purest-form-you-can-do-itIt’s sad that this is Purest Form’s last song, because it really feels like they’ve hit their stride and would have been ready to slot right into the late ’90s boy band scene. All four band members are back. “U Can Do It” is a positive, upbeat pop song, and the video illustrates this perfectly.

There are two sides to the video. It starts with Purest Form in a bleak setting – the kind of place where “people give us on their hopes and their dreams”: a suburban cul-de-sac. The old Auckland CPO, pre-Britomart renovation, also stands in for urban desolation, with its boarded up doors and smattering of tagging.

But don’t worry – a better life is just around the corner: the choruses explode with an amazing Polynesian beach party.

Fires burn, palm trees sway and masses of Pacific performers dance in a mix of traditional and modern styles. And the four lads have a twist on their trademark matching suits: instead of trousers, they wear white lavalava with their baggy red and white jackets.

It feels like Purest Form were on the verge of greatness, but then they went their own ways, never to see the charts again.

Best bit: The a capella breakdown outside the old post office.

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