Jordan Reyne “Wilt”

1995-jordan-reyne-wiltwiltThe jordanreyne YouTube account explains that this video involves “A rock band imitating Jordan and the instrumentalists that played on her album. This video is full of evil twins from a past everyone denies.” Whoa.

And indeed the song is played by a black-clad band, with a singer who looks like Jordan Reyne. Without this knowledge, though, the video would pass for a fairly standard music video for a female-fronted rock band. And indeed, the video uses filters to give the effects of video lines as well as jumpy editing. Very rock.

The only hint that something is up is the slightly folky tinge to the song. That makes it seem like the song is actually a traditional Celtic folk song that Jordan’s given a rock edge, but in doing so she has actually triggered an ancient curse that will turn her band into evil twins.

Or maybe the “evil twin” story explains why Jordan made such a conventional rock chick music video. It wasn’t her – it was her twin.

Best bit: Jordan’s rock trousers.

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  1. I originally dubbed and uploaded this to youtube – it got quite a few hits so Jordan added to her channel. Below is the description I put with it which may give more insight for you.

    ‘Wilt’ by Jordan Reyne, a singer/songwriter from New Zealand.
    This video was for the single ‘Wilt’, released on Kane Massey’s Deepgrooves label in 1995, through Festival Records NZ.
    The single was released in 1995 as a ‘double A-side’ with the other track being ‘Long Way To Climb’. The tracks were produced by Anthony Ioassa (Grace).
    The ‘Wilt’ video was shot, directed and edited by Kane Massey at his Kaiun Studios in Lorne St, Auckland City, New Zealand.
    Appearing in the video are Jordan Reyne, Andrew Thorn (guitar), Earl Robertson (drums) and Andrew B. White (bass).
    None of the people in the video played on the actual recording of ‘Wilt’ apart from Jordan.
    At the time this video was made Andrew B. White and Earl Robertson were playing with Bic Runga as her live band and also in the band The Earthlings (with Dave Bishop).
    Andrew Thorn was playing in his own band called ‘Thorn’ and would later go on to play with Bic Runga live and on her first studio album ‘Drive’, as well as forming the band Splitter with Kurt Shanks from stellar* (featuring Bic’s sister Boh Runga).
    Andrew B. White also designed the single cover for ‘Wilt’ along with a number of other Deepgrooves releases.
    Kane Massey’s Deepgrooves label was active in the mid-1990s along with its offshoot Lost Records. In was a groundbreaking indie label with some pioneering acts and associated personnel.
    Acts including Grace, Urban Disturbance (featuring Zane Lowe and Rob Salmon), 3 The Hard Way, Sulata (Te Vaka), Greg Fleming, Jules Issa, Cinema, Colour Climax (Simon Holloway), The New Loungehead (Dan Sperber), Thorn, Pause, Ermehn, Fuemana (Phil Fuemana) and many more. Financial difficulties and the nature of the music business in the mid-90s eventually ended the label.

    Postscript – this is one of Kane Massey’s “made on the cheap” videos – rope in some mates and shoot it at your office – lol. My black pants were as shiny as Jordan’s.

    1. Well, he may not be an insider, but he knows more about the production of this video than I do, which counts for something.

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