Nothing at All! “Busted”

1995-nothing-at-all-bustedNothing At All! were a legendary punky garagey band from the North Shore. They came out with a crazy guitar sound years before that sound became popular in the early 2000s. “Busted” is two minutes of fun and energy with a video that perfectly captures this.

Directed by Andrew Moore, we see the band dressed in opshop finery, playing on a small stage, in front of a golden curtain. This is mixed with footage of the band being badasses out on the streets of Auckland.

There’s much marauding around the railway station, the tank farm, the waterfront – if there’s a cool location, the boys will find a way to run, drive or pose through it.

There’s a dramatic scene where a stolen car smashes into a stack of egg trays, but hey, if you leave a stack of egg trays in a narrow alleyway, you have to expect it’ll get knocked about.

But the video saves the best for last – there’s a helicopter, an actual real helicopter. Down by the waterfront, the lads board and take off into the skies over Auckland. For what is a low-budget music video, this is a brilliant touch, a bit of 1980s glam amid the ’90s garage.

Director Andrew Moore on the making of the video: “The band had seen some skating videos I’d made and contacted me about doing a video. We agreed to spend a day hanging out and filming some stuff as kind of a demo for the main shoot. It was the funniest day ever, we got bent and spent the video budget on beers, food and other incentives. I fucken laughed all day, these dudes were hilarious. Shot at their practise room at Frisbee studios in Symonds St”

Best bit: the sprint past a police car. Yeah, take that.

Director: Andrew Moore
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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  1. Watched these guys a few times, frisbee leisure lounge and North Harbour netball centre, epic

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