Ngaire “Can You Be Strong For Me”

1995-ngaire-can-you-be-strong-for-meNgaire’s fourth (and possibly last NZ On Air-funded single) is a duet. She teams up with D, aka Dave Letoa, a member of her live band. It’s an unusual pairing. Ngaire is very glamorous in the video, but we don’t see her until 30 seconds into the song. Instead it kicks off with D, who isn’t much of a pop star.

For a start, he wears sunglasses throughout the entire music video. It has a weird effect, especially when Ngaire joins him and they look into each other’s eyes. Except she’s actually looking at herself reflected in his mirrored specs.

His voice isn’t anywhere near as expressive as Ngaire’s so it all comes across as a really odd pairing. How did this asymmetrical duet come about? Why does D seem to reluctant to be part of the video?

But the video itself is generally a very stylish number. It’s shot in black and white with a slight sepiatone tint. Ngaire and D are shot in close up with bright lighting, emphasising her glamour.

Also appearing in the video are a selection music video staples, including a male dancer doing the open shit/wind machine thing, a couple dancing in silhouette and fencer. But my favourite is the line-up of models, which seems to have been inspired by the Calvin Klein CK One ads.

It feels like the video wants to be really sexy and glam but D just can’t do it. It’s just not where he’s at. And that ends up being an anchor to reality. This is not New York. This is New Zealand.

Next… the great Persevero.

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  1. I was in this video! Thanks for reviewing it. Dave seemed reluctant because he was very nervous about being on camera and performing – he addressed with by drinking 2 bottles of wine beforehand! The lineup of models is actually just the cast and crew on the day e.g. the lighting guy, the makeup artist etc. The director was some English geezer. A fun experience for a day, everyone was lovely and I got to see how the sausage is made 🙂

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