Pumpkinhead “Nark”

1995-pumpkinhead-narknarkPumpkinhead stick it to John Banks, who was Minister of Police at the time. Set in a claustrophobic suburban living room, the video alternates between regular footage of the band performing the song and fake-up security camera video. Because, you know, police surveillance.

The song is an extreme mash-up of styles, with a bit of Kris Kross, some Red Hot Chili Peppers, a slice of Suicidal Tendencies, a Nirvana growl and, strangely enough, some of the nu metal sound that didn’t really happen until the late ’90s.

As the band use their funk-pop-rap styles to deal with their snooping neighbours, I can’t help feel that, yeah, they were quite sincere when they made this. They really felt that they were doing something for the good of the country. And with John Banks now the loneliest MP in Parliament, perhaps Pumpkinhead did leave a bit of a legacy.

Best bit: the shocking twist ending.


Next… a four-for-one deal.

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