Purest Form “Lady”

1995-purest-form-ladyPurest Form is really growing on me. “Lady” is a fairly ordinary slow jam, but – like all Purest Form videos – this video is another precious taonga.

The quartet seem to have reduced to a trio – scandalous! They start dressed as mechanics – or rather, an am-dram version of a mechanic, complete with strategically placed smears of grease. Sometimes they’re leaning over the car, other times they’re in the car, with a deliberately unconvincing green screen. I’m going to pretend this is homage to the Headless Chickens’ “Cruise Control” video.

The garage scenes are cut with black and white outtakes from their previous videos, including falling down the dunes in “A Message to My Girl”, whacking into the giant Christmas decorations in “It’s Christmas” and tomfoolery on their Rainbow’s End ad shoot. We also get to see them performing at a mall, a reminder that for a few months, Purest Form were a bit of a big deal.

For the chorus, the group are back in the matching suits. This time the suits are made from a black fabric with a silver filigree design. They are dressed like middle-aged women. They’re trying. They’re really trying to be New Zealand’s answer to Boys II Men, but there’s just so much missing.

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… an early trip to the stars.

4 thoughts on “Purest Form “Lady””

  1. Best bit: Motion-sick rocking motion in the close-ups of the car, making it look as if the cameraman has been drinking.

    1. Best bit’s the best bit. That’s why I noticed it was missing. I did seriously consider it was too dire to have a best bit.

      1. I’m glad to hear you like it! When I initially started writing the reviews, I didn’t do the best bit. Then one day I was watching a video and suddenly thought, “OMG! I have to note this amazing thing!” and “best bit” was born. This also meant I had to go through all the other videos and rewatch them again to pick a best bit, but I’ve already accepted that this site will pretty much own me at times!

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