Crash “Day at the Fair”

1995-crash-day-at-the-fairCrash return with “Day at the Fair”, and it is to the credit of the director Greg Page that the video is not shot at a fair. Instead it follows a night in the life of a mannequin, going with the song’s metaphor of love being a roller coaster.

Our plastic heroine is sweet for a curly-haired bass player in Crash, and puts on some lipstick, a nice dress and her prettiest wig, and heads off to the nightclub. There she finds her fave band playing, looking quite the rock unit in silver suits.

The spunky boy bassist gives Miss Mannequin a seductive gaze, but later she finds him enjoying the company of two other mannequin ladies. Heartbroken, she runs off to the loos, where the nice singer from Crash offers her some lippie. But it isn’t enough. Ms Mannequin has seen the light and drivers herself home, tearing down the photo of the boy who broke her cold plastic heart.

I came to the end of this video feeling sad for the mannequin and angry that Crash have such a douchebag in their band. And why didn’t anyone else at the club comfort her? Poor Ms Mannequin.

Best bit: the dapper mannequin guy wearing a pirate hat.

Director: Greg Page
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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