Throw “Falling Inside Me”

1994-throw-falling-inside-me“I’m not really sure what this video is supposed to be about,” Failsafe Records note on this YouTube clip, adding that “it varies greatly from the agreed script.”

Well, it didn’t seem that confusing to me. The Jonathan King-directed video sees a depressed young woman wandering around the streets of Auckland. She fantasises about suicide, specifically jumping off a building.

She stands on a rooftop, looking all windswept and depressed. No, don’t do it! You are young and beautiful!

The fantasies intensify, with a floating likeness of her superimposed over the buildings. But does she go through with it? The video is ambiguous, but it seems to end with a slight smile on her.

I wonder, though, what the original script for this video was.

Best bit: the old buildings of Britomart.

Director: Jonathan King
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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