Maree Sheehan “Past To The Present”

1994-maree-sheehan-past-to-the-presentMaree gathers her friends and family to an inner city park (Emily Place, I think) to have a singalong (over and over to the same song, with the requirement to look lively and happy all the time).

I really like the video’s setting. They haven’t taken the easy route and gone for a beachside park. They’ve plonked the action right in the middle of Auckland, surrounded on all sides by tall buildings. And it’s not out of the question that a group of family and friends would actually have a picnic here. Though Albert Park would perhaps be a more logical choice.

Everyone looks like they’re actually having a good time, and it suggests that even after the music video taping had concluded, they probably would have kept on dancing. I wish I’d been invited.

Best bit: the little girls who turn the “under the bramble bushes” claping game into “under the Bambi bushes”.

Director: Jonathan Brough
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… an exotic holiday.

2 thoughts on “Maree Sheehan “Past To The Present””

  1. It was “Under the Bambi Bushes” at [my primary school] in the 80s and, at the same primary school in 2011, it is still the same.

    1. Ha! It’s like a regional mutation, passed on through the generations. At my primary school it was “bam bushes”, whatever that is.

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