Able Tasmans “The Big Bang Theory”

1994-able-tasmans-the-big-bang-theoryIt’s full of stars. The Abel Tasmans get all metaphysical with a journey through space.

Explosions, chemical equations, planets, sun spots, a singing moon, constellations, rocky terrain and and the shadowy silhouette of a band that doesn’t want to be in their video. Or, you know, the awesome visuals speak for the music far more than a band performance would.

I’m stuck. It’s a “System Virtue” situation. The song sounds good, but I don’t know what the lyrics are so it doesn’t quite come together. I’m just going to literally assume it’s about astrophysics and enjoy its spacy graphics effects.

Best bit: the disembodied clapping hands.

Director: Ronald Young
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… beached as, bro.

3 thoughts on “Able Tasmans “The Big Bang Theory””

  1. Given mass, given time, the loud collapsing sound of the suns defines,
    the Universes final hours, when you get yours and we get ours.

    Three feet from the edge and the light is on.
    No one yet aware that any thing is wrong.
    Until our rude awakening, when we find we’ve been taken in.
    That time is an elastic thing, and not some God there pulling strings.

    You know, you know, well don’t you,
    life holds everything you know the it….

    Find ways to get along in the nick of time.
    The everlasting stars, they sing the final line,
    You grow – that’s something you should know.
    Life flows some distance down below.

  2. I fkn love this song so much. Its deffinitely my favourite Abel Tasmans song. I first heard it years ago then fell in love with it again after buying the Flying Nun collection DVD. Brilliant!

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