Springloader “One More Thing”

1994-springloader-one-more-thingI’m conflicted by this. The song is ok. The video concept is ok. But put together they just don’t work.

It’s an average ’90s indie guitar pop song with slightly miserabilistic undertones, but most oddly, the video uses standard rock visuals of red, gold and blue lighting and lots of smoke. So the song makes the video seem like overkill, while the video makes the song seem dull.

The camera seems really reluctant to get close to the band, instead whizzing past in an attempt to create urgency and excitement in a song that lacks it. And then the smoke effects seem to get out of control, obscuring the band like a thick Hamilton fog. If it were me, I’d go for something moody and black and white, put a mysterious dark-haired girl in it, and get the lead singer to give the camera some sex face.

After all the missing videos from earlier funding rounds, now things are starting to pick up. But it means that as well as videos from the amazing popular bands, all these little bands are coming through too and their work is of mixed quality.

Well, good on Springloader for getting a song recorded and a video made. It’s a pity they faded away.

Best bit: the old station wagon inexplicably parked on stage behind the band.

Director: David Reid
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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