Malchicks “Milestone”

1994-malchicks-milestonecksFailsafe Records are a YouTube goldmine. In their comments for this video, they note that as the band’s bass player (and vocalist on this song) had moved to Japan, the video was partly made up of videos of her hanging out around Japan.

It’s sweet tourist videos – long train rides with Japanese suburbs passing by, visiting temples, train stations, busy city streets at night. All new and different. Meanwhile back in New Zealand, there’s local footage of the Aotearoan countryside rushing past from a car, sheep blocking a country road, a golden sunset.

It’s showing the two countries at their best. The New Zealand traveller in Japan holds on to her memories of the peaceful Aotearoa rural scenes; when she returns to New Zealand, she remembers the lovely old shrines. The boring stuff, that doesn’t get remembered.

Best bit: the “REDUCE SPEED NOW” sign seen in the New Zealand countryside.

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… skinny-arse hair rock.

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