Eye TV “Basement Static”

1994-eye-tv-basement-staticEye TV had a few changes. Their gear was stolen, forcing the band to record a more acoustic album, forging a gentler, newer sound with a new drummer.

The “Basement Static” video sees old gothy Shaun curled up in shadowy places, a man on the verge of a nervous spaz-out. The song has shades of Radiohead, but still manages to keep that slightly uneasy, slightly off sound that was Eye TV’s trademark. But when the chorus kicks in, we’re treated to glimpses of the band decked out in garish showbiz sequinned suits. Woo!

This seems to symbolise the crossroads where the band were – caught between their older gothic roots and the allure of a more poppy future. Which path were they to take?

Best bit: the old lady glitter disco fairy.

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