Grace “Confessions”

1994-grace-confessionsThis is the first single for the group based around the three Ioasa brothers, but you know what? The video is better than the song. This is for one simple reason: Anthony Jason Ioasa’s fabulous cheekbones. The video, directed by Jonathan King, takes full advantage of this, with dramatic lighting to emphasise his features.

But, ok, it’s not all bone structure. While the video does linger on the singer, the rest of the band can be seen working away in the background, even with wide shots that reveal more of the studio set-up of the video shoot.

It seems like a low-budget video, but one done with skill and technique so it doesn’t look low-budget. As well as the moody lighting, it’s shot in black and white with an olive tint. Pretty stylish for a first video. The Ioasa bros were obviously going to have to raise the stakes for their next.

Best bit: Jason Ioasa’s cheekbones, ok?

Director: Jonathan King
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… over-the-counter pain relief.

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  1. My first EVER music video (well, first ‘funded’ one, I made one other Super 8 one before that).

    I think the cheekbones in question belong to Jason Ioasa, rather than Anthony. Thanks for digging up! 🙂

    1. Oh, thanks for the cheekbones info! I did a bit of google image searching trying to match the right bro, but I wasn’t entirely sure. These details are important!

      I look forward to seeing your other videos, as they come up.

  2. I always thought this was one of Kane Massey’s videos. The Super 8 video that Jonathan referes to is Greg Fleming’s ‘Ghosts Are White’ – it’s on YouTube along with another NZ on Air funded video ‘California Fishing’ also directed by Jonathan. In fact only there were only three NZ music weren’t directed by him in the 90s lol 😉

  3. Both this and Sulata’s Never video was shot at the same sound studio and around the same time. Actually, this was a re-shoot, the band had already shot the video on video with a “friend” and Kane was unhappy with it and wanted it re-shot on film. So it was a struggle financially, but that never stopped him (the good and bad about him)

    It was originally going to be re-shot by one of Bruce Sheridan’s team based up the hill from Kaiun, but for some reason he decided to give it to Jonathan King, which, based on the Super 8 video he had shot for Greg in Kane’s apartment earlier, was a bit of a leap of faith, considering the importance of the project / album. I think this was Jonathan’s first “real” video shoot. Great band, nice break.

    We would also return to Kane’s apartment to shoot Urban Disturbance’s “Robert Jane”.

    1. Ah, it does indeed look like the same studio as Sulata’s video, but yet both videos have their own distinct feeling. Thanks for all that info. I’d love to see the “Robert Jane” video, but that doesn’t appear to be online.

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