Found videos from 1993

Shona’s last video, the Nixons’ first,  a cold day, and a hearty dose of Hamilton bogan rock.

June 1993

Greg Johnson Set “Wintersong”

“Wintersong”, which was also called “Suddenly Cold”, is a spooky, folky song with a sort of northern European vibe to it. The video features a shirtless Greg Johnson (’twas the early ’90s, men couldn’t stop taking off their tops) who seems to also be wearing makeup to give him the appearance of a half-frozen corpse. The video has a luxurious gothic feeling, just right for glamming up a freezing winter’s day.

Director: Tristan Strange
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

August 1993

Blackjack “Now You Fly”

It’s possible to look at this video and to dwell on the cliches – the rain/pain lyrics, the black and white footage of graveyards, the string quartet, the giant guitar solo, the serious studio faces. But here’s the thing – Blackjack are giving a totally heartfelt performance. There is no irony here. Blackjack are a quality bogan band who are delivering an epic rock ballad. And I can testify that in the ’90s, the local Hamilton metallers loved this band.

Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

October 1993

Nixons “Tick Tock”

“Tick Tock” was the very first video Eye TV had funded, back when they were still called Nixons. They were a gothier, grittier band back then, but there was still a vein of pop songwriting ability that would keep them afloat in later years. The video veers between surreal imagery and shots of the band mucking around – which are more interesting than the calculated weirdness.

Director: Simon Mark-Brown
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

December 1993

Shona Laing “Kickback”

“Kickback” was the final of Shona Laing’s three NZ On Air funded videos. Shona doesn’t appear in the video – instead we’re treated to some cutting-edge ’90s-style animation,  full of objects that symbolise money and greed. The curious thing about this video is that the cheesy ’90s animation style has become cool again in its own special way, just crying out to be gif’d.

Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

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