Dead Flowers “Lisa”

Like Push Push, Dead Flowers emerged just at the point when hair metal was being nudged out of the way by grunge. So the hair-flailing video for debut single “Lisa” was their once chance to just get their Salon Selectives all up in the air. It was as if they knew their moment to be mëtal gödz was running out, and a haircut was on the cards.

The video alternates between black and white performance footage (reminiscent of Push Push’s video in both the composition and the follicular action), and cut with black and white silhouettes against a background of flowers. Because that is the band’s name.

By this stage it’s noticeable that music videos are getting slicker. Is it a result of having more cash to spend on videos? Is the video production industry getting cleverer and more creative? Or has there been an moment of collective consciousness where everyone has simultaneously realised that naff green screen doesn’t make anything look better?

Actually, my new challenge is to find a whole funding round where none of the videos have naff green screen. Fingers crossed!

Best bit: the guitarist wearing demin overalls with no shirt, boyband style.

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… set a-sail or shipwrecked?

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