D-Faction “Babe I’m Not Original”

D-Faction were a perfect slice of South Auckland funk. Their specialty was originally funked-up covers, but the chilled-out soul track “Babe I’m Not Original” is actually an original single. While the video can’t resist a tiny bit of green-screenery, it mainly consists of a straight studio performance cut with footage around the Otara markets.

It’s a stark contrast – the smooth studio style cutting to scenes of raw fish, only to have the raw fish footage repeated later in the video. Whoa – there’s a glitch in the matrix.

I’m really happy that YouTube user slydogmania has taken it upon himself to upload heaps of D-Faction videos, including this absolute doozy: D-Faction on the TV3 kids show “Yahoo” in 1990, interviewed by Moana, talking about producing music for Ngaire, and then they perform a cover of “Stuck in the Middle” only two years before Quentin Tarantino was to recontextualise the song beyond redemption.

Best bit: the cool dude little boy hanging out by the rack of rugby league t-shirts.

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