The WBC “Sick of It”

2004-the-wbc-sick-of-itThe WBC return for their second and final video “Sick of It”, a kiss off to a person who is a “waste of energy”. Like the WBC’s previous video, “Sick of It” also doesn’t capture the live energy of the band. In fact, if I saw them play this live, it would be my toilet-break song.

The video begins in a bar. We follow a dude (played by the group’s sound guy) as he staggers around, looking rather unwell, as frenetic drum n bass music plays. He stumbles into the toilets to have a spew, but is distracted by a small white cube on the floor. As it happens, this cube contains a seven-piece ska-punk-pop group.

Into the cube we go, and much of the video is just the WBC playing the song in the cube. If the idea of a band playing in a square white room with really flat lighting sounds a bit boring, it is. The band take turns at facing all four walls, but the video struggles to get much entertainment out of the situation.

Things get slightly more interesting when a dark green light brings some moody gothic styles to the box, but that’s also limited. Suddenly the band kick down one wall and wahey – there’s an enthusiastic audience outside!

But this makes me wonder – if the cube still on the toilet floor? Is the drunk guy now looking at a tiny ska-punk-pop group rocking out to a tiny audience? Is he thinking maybe it’s time he seriously cut back on his drinking? Or is he wondering if he could make one of the little ladies be his mini wife?

Annoyingly, the video does not answer these questions. We’re left with the ska septet in the mysterious white cube. Hey, maybe that’s it – maybe they’re just sick of living inside a cube.

Best bit: the crumpled Red Bull can, for that authentic club bitch detail.

Director: Ivan Slavov
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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The WBC “Ease Ya Mind”

2003-the-wbc-ease-ya-mindSo, a friend of mine was in the WBC and I’d go to see them play live quite a lot. They were a really choice live band – full of the well-rehearsed slickness and energy that a good ska band needs – and really good to dance to.

But “Ease Ya Mind” wasn’t even close to being one of their strongest singles and I was really annoyed when I heard it was going to be the subject of their first video. It was like they’d turned completely on what made them so good live and gone for the one easy-listening number in their repertoire. WTF, guys.

And then came the video. It starts with the band stumbling across a dusty old barn filled with – quelle coincidence – enough musical equipment for a six-piece ska band to play. And they play.

Outside we discover the old barn is in a vineyard. An old man strolls the rows of grapes and tastes a glass of wine in the middle of the grape plants. And two farm girls (who looks more like promo girls) tread some grapes with their feet. I grew up on a vineyard and I can confirm that neither of these things actually happen in real life. (Nor was there a ska band in the garage.)

The band then gather around a table and enjoy a delicious meal, served by the promo girls. The old guy is pretty drunk by this stage and has a dance by himself. He is probably remembering the old days, before the ska bands came.

It’s not a bad song or a bad video, but it could all have been so much better. But, oh well. It still reminds me of happy times, and that’s a good thing.

Best bit: the saxophonist’s lonely walk out in the vineyard to play his solo.

Director: Ivan Slavov
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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