Loves Ugly Children “Voodoo Girl”

1997-loves-ugly-children-voodoo-girlBecause it’s the 1997, Loves Ugly Children get cinematic in the form of a fake trailer for an exploitation flick also named “Voodoo Girl”. Directed by Peter Bannan, the video opens with a warning – “the film this trailer advertises contains adult concepts”. What, like getting a mortgage or caring foran aging parent? No, like a scantily-clad young woman suggestively playing with a model aeroplane.

We meet plane woman and a man who gaze at aeroplanes and end up together in a wood-panelled room. He slowly puts his hand on her bare stomach. They then retire to their individual rooms where there’s a bit of carry-on involving the model plane and some hand-down-pants action.

How about getting out of the bedroom? Ah yes, the man walks around meaningfully and plane girl runs through a post office box lobby and discovers a gun in her box. Well, I guess if it had a stamp on it, NZ Post would deliver it.

Gun in bag, plane girl goes to a diner and makes a glass move through telekensis. If she could do that, why would she need a gun? Couldn’t she just make bullets fly into people? Then it all gets a bit hectic. There’s blood, water, meaningful gazes and bullets galore.

As far as fake trailers go, this doesn’t quite make me want to see the fake film, but yet as a real music video from 1997, it’s moody and stylish enough to satisfy me.

Best bit: the visual power of the bright red post office box lobby.

Director: Peter Bannan
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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Loves Ugly Children “Sixpack”

1996-loves-ugly-children-six-packHey everyone, Loves Ugly Children are having a party. Starting the party prep nice and early, Simon jumps out of bed and has barely made it out of the bathroom before the suasage rolls are thrown in the oven. It’s going to be epic.

He gets on the phone and invites all his friends along. Kids, this is what people did in the days before Facebook. He even invites a person in a horse costume. Totally off the hook. (How off the hook was it? Director Andrew Moore says “This shoot was mental. Ended in an epic party scene that resulted in them having to dye their living room carpet another, darker colour.”)

Party prep continues, but I can’t help feel there haven’t been enough invites. Fortunately a young Mormon comes door-knocking. Simon drags him inside, yells at him for a bit and soon enough the young Mormon is helping out with the party prep.

The balloons are out and the party people have arrived. Things are cooking. Everyone’s having a good time – the Mormon, the horse, a kung fu guy, a girl in a cheongsam dress, a sheik, a devil – everything your momma warned you about.

The song is a fun punky love song and director Andrew Moore captures the manic energy of the song. It’s a crazy party as a metaphor for love. And that’s just fine with me.

Best bit: NZ On Screen have also noticed this – the pineapple hedgehog is brilliant.

Director: Andrew Moore
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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