Splitter “Go You Good Thing”

Hey, it’s a Splitter video! This is their seventh and final NZOA-funded video, but the first that I’ve managed to find online. And finally a bit more of Splitter is revealed.

It’s a performance-based video. The band are playing the song in a black studio, illuminated by strategic rock lighting. The camera flows around the band, during the verses, before locking in for some traditional rocking poses in the chorus.

It seems that Splitter were kind of indie and kind of rock – and maybe that’s their problem. With the rock ‘n’ roll revival in full flight by 2002, were Splitter a bit too nerdy and indie to be able to successfully jump on that bandwagon?

On its own, the video is nothing spectacular. But if it’s the only digital remnant of Splitter’s videography, then I’m happy with it. In very sensible terms, it seems like one of those music videos that has taken the funding and used it carefully, ending up with a good looking, low budget video.

Best bit: the glorious, rockin’ guitar solo.

Note: This video has since been removed from YouTube.

Director: Leon Sefton
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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