Fang “Something Good”

2004-fang-something-goodFang’s second and final NZOA-funded video was “Something Good”, a pop stomper. The online video, like a lot of ones uploaded to the Arch Hill account, is very pixelly, like it was ripped from a CD-ROM that had fallen behind the couch. Therefore I cannot guarantee that my observations are totally accurate.

It’s night time and singer Sonya and bassist Ben are asleep their beds. Sonya is troubled by a strange dream, while Ben is up and about sleepwalking. Or his sleepwalking all part of Sonya’s dream?

Like the zombies in Dawn of the Dead, some kind of instinct has brought Ben to a mall. At the same time, Sonya leaps out of bed and goes along to the mall in her pyjamas. What is it that has triggered such drama? Cake.

There’s a lone table with two cakies waiting for them. They sit and scoff, with Ben bolting after he finishes his treat. This leaves Sonya sitting alone, and she seems to suddenly realise she’s in a mall, in her pyjamas, eating a tartlet.

By the way, sleep-eating is a legit psychiatric disorder, known as nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder (NSRED). Usually it’s people raiding their own kitchen, but I like the idea that someone would go all the way to a mall and sit down for a dignified treat in their pyjamas.

Best bit: Ben’s stroll past a women’s clothing store, with the hottest lady fashions of 2004.

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Fang “I Can’t Help It”

2003-fang-i-cant-help-itFang was led by Arch Hill label boss Ben Howe, and these cool indie grown-ups produced cool indie pop. “I Can’t Help It” was the first of their two NZ On Air-funded music video.

We find the band playing the song in an old villa. The walls are draped with colourful hangings and it’s all very boho. A mysterious furry figure quickly passes in front of the band. The version of the video that’s been uploaded to YouTube is very pixelly – looking very much like a product of the ’00s – which just makes the furry figure seem more mysterious. A Grey Lynn yeti?

The band plays on, then the furry figure reappears. It’s… a person in a novelty pink gorilla costume, just like the one seen in Voom’s “King Kong” video. And I like to think there’s some sort of narrative going on here, like a scene girl who likes hanging out with indie Auckland bands.

The band put down their instruments and take a seat, watching Pinky as she has a go on all the instruments. She even gets behind the drumkit, predating the Cadbury drumming gorilla by three years.

The band aren’t impressed with this furry newcomer and send her away, returning to their rightful places on stage. While they continue to pop-rock on, the gorilla is seen slouching down the road, seemingly saddened by her failure to become Fang’s new member.

The gorilla is important. The video would be pretty uneventful if the gorilla didn’t appear. I mean, if you were sitting in a living room watching Fang play, you’d want something eventful to happen.

Best bit: the enthusiasm the gorilla has in her performances.

Directors: Richard Bell, Stephen McCarthy

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