April 2007: Spacifix, The Brunettes, The Electric Confectionaires, The Have, The Livids

A bad hair day, fluttering paper strips, budget thriller, old vibes, and a boring day a the rodeo.

Spacifix “One Band”

Like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, this video is set in an old graveyard. But unlike “Thriller”, the “One Band” video was filmed in an actual old graveyard – it looks like the Symonds Street cemetery. So that adds an unusual component – the De Ja Vu dance crew (standing in for Spacifix) are dancing on (or next to) the graves of actual people, all in the name of entertainment. I’d accept the location if the song had some sort of redirect reference to it, but it doesn’t. Boringly, it’s just about how cool Spacifix.

Director: Ondrej Havas

The Brunettes “Her Hairagami Set”

This is another detailed puppet video from the Trophy Wife production house. Using puppets and a comic-book frame design, the video tells the story of a girl with messy mousy hair and her quest to have good hair and therefore be accepted by the cool kids. The song tells a story so there’s a lot for the video to take inspiration from. It nicely depicts the awkwardness of adolescence and the cute pop sound of the Brunettes.

Talking to Audioculture, Jonathan Bree mentioned that the group’s American record label refused to release the video in the States because they felt the depiction of high school bullying was coming too soon after Columbine (eight years prior!). He wondered, “Why would they be so sensitive about a video that shows a puppet taking a hairdryer to school to attack someone’s hairstyle?” No matter – the video was featured by YouTube and became a viral hit.

Director: Ian Hart
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

The Electric Confectionaires “Late Night Shopping Spree”

The Electric Confectionaires are like the ’00s version of Brendon Thomas and the Vibes – a teen jam band strongly influenced by rock of the late ’60s and ’70s. “Late Night Shopping Spree” is a hugely ambitious video. It uses sweeping shots of the band performing on stage in a theatre and it’s only when the camera gets close that we’re reminded that the band is so young. It’s a little self-indulgent, but they thoughtfully keep it at three minutes.

The Have “Tell Yourself It’s Alright”

The “Tell Yourself It’s Alright” video takes place in a semi-animated world, a sea of fluttering yellow paper strips. Core band members Brodie and Peter are tied up, while a pirate ship sails near. On board is a lady pirate with many arms, like a Hindu goddess. Despite the dramatic setting, nothing much happens. An alternate, unreleased video of this video was made, using a much more domestic setting.

The Livids “Doo Doo”

Hey, rodeos are bullshit, both literally and figuratively.

Director: Dean Shirriffs
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

There’s another video for the same song, a semi-animated effort based on the band playing a gig at Wellington’s much loved Mighty Mighty bar. It’s a much more enjoyable experience than the rodeo version.

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