October 2006: Nesian Mystik, Paul McLaney, PNC, Shapeshifter, SJD

The red dinosaur appears, a tour of empty Aotearoa, central Auckland neighbourhoods, and animation in both relaxed and crazy styles.

Nesian Mystik “Robbin’ Hood Heroes” / “People”

The video pays tribute to the central Auckland neighbourhoods that have traditionally been home to Pacific communities – Surry Crescent, King Street, K Road, and Grey Lynn Park are all featured, filmed with with a muddy looking filter. There are also cameos from Pacific artists like Scribe and Oscar Kightley, and Teuila Blakely makes an appearance as a troubled woman. Things get more colourful for the “People” part, which focuses on Nesian Mystik performing out on a suburban deck.

Paul McLaney “Let Me Count the Ways”

What’s the difference between Gramsci and Paul McLaney? According to Wikipedia, McLaney songs “display his skills as a finger-style acoustic guitar player.” And that’s what’s going on with firm but acoustic style of “Let Me Count the Ways”. The video is animated, and seems based on actual footage of McLaney and a dancer. Sometimes it’s based on quite realistic situations, other times things get abstract.

Director: Ed Davis
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

PNC “Who Betta Than This”

This was one of PNC’s very earliest singles, if not his debut. The video puts a black and white PNC in a black studio, but with strategic hints of colours. Producer P-Money shows up, as does a dancer and PNC’s red dinosaur mascot.

Director: Mark Trethewey

Shapeshifter “Electric Dream”

The video follows Shapeshifter in their tour bus as they head to Rhythm & Vines, somehow managing to bypass all major towns and cities along the way, leaving only empty but scenic Aotearoa. I’ve seen this sort of video before, but this is the first time it’s been accompanied by really upbeat music instead of a chilled-out coastal groove. It’s basically the Black Seeds’ “So True” music video, but with Rhythm & Vines instead of a barbecue, and L&P product placement instead of Frujus.

Director: Mark Trethewey
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

SJD “Bad Karma in Yokohama”

SJD’s tale of drama in Japan is illustrated using a mix of cute and mysterious animation, models and life action. I generally find it hard to connect with animation and this is another case where I’m happily listening to the song but the images have less connection.

Director: Chris White

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