February 2006: Rhombus, Rubicon, Solstate, Starlett, Stylus

Bicycles! Motorbikes! Cars! And a pleasant trip to Japan.

Rhombus “Scorching Bay”

Oh look, it’s another video that uses footage of Tokyo trains and the Shibuya crossing. Except – ok, ok – it’s actually edited together quite nicely, using a large pixelly look with well framed shots. And the band even make and appearance! The track is fairly chilled out and the video fits that mood.

Director: Matt Steele
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Rubicon “Doin’ Just Fine Without U” – missing

“Doin’ Just Fine Without U” was the 10th and final funded video for Rubicon. But what worked in 1999 wasn’t so successful in 2006. When Goodnight Nurse were delivering sophisticated punk-pop, Rubicon’s bratty American style seemed stuck in the past. This is the only missing video from Rubicon, but it’s one that might not have been made.

Solstate featuring Boh Runga “Alright Now” – missing

“Alright Now” was the debut single of Solstate (who up till five minute ago I thought were some sort of dub/reggae/ambient band and not a rock unit). Boh Runga sings backing vocals (less than the “feat” credit would suggest). This was starting to look like another case of a video that wasn’t actually made, but over on Muzic.net.nz there’s a brief mention of the “Alright Now” video getting played on New Zealand music television. Here’s the audio.

Starlett “What I Had”

Christchurch band Starlett (later to become Ivy Lies) were semi-finalists in the 2003 Rockquest, but that was enough to get them signed to Sony Music. The video for their debut single puts them in a graffiti covered room (apparently filmed at an “abandoned stockyard”) but it’s styled up with red carpet, sheer curtains and a chandelier.

Director: Richard Bell

Stylus “Alone Until Tonight”

This video has BMX bikes, motocross bikes and cars, cars, cars. During the day the BMX kids do some tricks, then the motorbikes come along and do some wheelies. But as the sun sets, a motorcade of modified cars comes along to hang out and do wheel spins. If you like massive clouds of smoke, this video is for you. One of the cars is for sale and has the owners cellphone number written large on the back window.

Bass player Paul described the video making at Muzic.net.nz:

“But I really enjoyed the making of the ‘I Was Alone Until Tonight’, our most recent music video, directed by Adam Jones of Zoomslide. It was a lot of fun. We collectively did a lot of the organisation. We had BMX riders, MotoX riders, hot cars and tons of people; some were friends and some were fans that responded to the post on our myspace site. Everyone had a great time and they love seeing themselves on TV.”

Director: Adam Jones
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

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