June 2005: Rhombus, Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine, Rubicon, Savage, The Boxcar Guitars, The Fat Monks, The Pits, Vickie Evans

Communist propaganda, suburban escapism, tropical home movies, Auckland cool, lamps and a jazz legend.

Rhombus “Together”

Vintage home movies of the Cook Islands are the basis of this super chilled out tropical video for Rhombus’ equally cool song.

Director: Paul Herschell

Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine “Creature Of The Night” – missing

Rock ‘n’ Roll Machine were one of those hard-as rock ‘n’ roll bands that were very cool in the early 2000s. But by the time the mid 2000s came along, the cool kids had moved onto, I dunno, The Killers. I don’t know if this video was ever made, but even if it had, it would probably have been a case of “it doesn’t capture their live energy”. So here’s the band live.

Rubicon “Mother”

Lead singer Paul largely sits out this video, giving the action over to a trio of teens who roam around American suburbia, causing chaos on their bikes. The song – about a young man who feels abandoned by his mother – lends a sad undertone, but there’s something of a happy ending.

Director: Charles Spano
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Savage featuring Aaradhna “They Don’t Know”


At the time, Aaradhna was touted as “the first lady of Dawn Raid”, and this was her introduction to the world. The video is set in parts of central Auckland that have a not-quite-Auckland edgy urban look – and yes, this includes Fort Lane. The song peaked at No.3 in the New Zealand charts.

Director: James Barr
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

The Boxcar Guitars “My Love Is Blue”

The Boxcar Guitars get very moody with “My Love Is Blue”. The video is shot in a studio full of lamps and – just to mix things up a little – sometimes it’s shot with red-filtered light. Not blue light – that would be too obvious.

Director: Jonathan Gerard
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

The Fat Monks “Jimmy Smith Style”

The Fat Monks were a hip hop crew and they just seem like a bunch of really nice young men, the kind you most definitely would take home to mother. “Jimmy Smith Style” is their ode to the American jazz legend, and includes the authentically suburban lyric “Think I’ll add a little flavour like star anise”. The video is based around the band members posing for mugshots, but also includes some surreal geography. Tragically, band member Tony McClean was killed in a river accident in 2008, with the video played in celebration at his funeral.

Director: Rajendra Patel

The Pits “You’re Not Gonna Get Me That Way”

The Pits’ Kiwi Hit Disc bio said, “Their songs lean on influential groups of the ‘50s and ‘60s, mixing blues with modern rock.” Well, if this song is anything to go by, there’s a lot of leaning and not much mixing. The video is animated, based on communist propaganda poster styles. But weirdly, seeing it in 2015 it comes across like a lyric video, leaving me waiting for the real thing.

Vickie Evans “Let It Go” – missing

Vickie’s Facebook bio notes that the “Let It Go” video was filmed in Christchurch and was a “well played hit” on Juice TV. She later was the senior winner at the 2011 Gold Guitar Awards. Here’s her winning moment.

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