Fast Crew “Set the Record Straight”

“Set the Record Straight” was the title track of Fast Crew’s debut album. It’s a great big celebration of who they are, and the video captures live performances from the Crew’s peak time – including their 2006 appearance at the Big Day Out.

When the band aren’t making the room jump in their live gigs, they’re shown posing around Cross Street – a place with conveniently rundown buildings that can stand in for cinematic urban decay when needed.

Singer Rebecca Le Harle barely features in this video. She doesn’t perform on the track and is only ever seen in wide shots of the group performing live. She eventually left the group and didn’t perform on their next single, so the occasional flick of her ponytail is the last we’ll see of her.

The video was uploaded to the Fast Crew’s YouTube account in 2006, which means we’re getting right into the era when videos were uploaded at the time of their original release. This also means that for the early years, the video quality isn’t great. This one is only 360p (I’m not totally sure what that means, but, y’know, it’s a small number), so the video quality is very pixelly.

It’s not a great song or video, but at the very least it captures the band at their peak. Playing the Big Day Out is a major achievement for any band, and seeing the Crew rocking the BDO’s Boiler Room is worth capturing.

Best bit: the trio proudly displaying their Air Force 1’s.

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Ok, that’s it for another year. This year I covered videos from June 2003 to June 2005, and reached the overall halfway point (Wahey! Only another three and a half years to go, OMG, what am I doing with my life, etc). I’m going to spend the summer break watching Katy Perry and/or Eurovision videos, and I’ll be back sometimes in January 2015. Or February if I’m lazy. Thanks for reading, y’all!

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  1. Thanks for all the hard work Robyn. I love what you’re doing here. Have a great, well deserved break and come back soon!

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