Mumsdollar “Nevertheless”

2005-mumsdollar-neverthelessMumsdollar were a punk-pop band made up of Christians, though I don’t think their music was overtly Christian. But it says a lot that, according to Wikipedia, the band got their name when one of the members was putting in for a church offering but only had one dollar – his mum’s dollar.

The “Nevertheless” video puts the group out in the bush. A mysterious woman’s voice says “hey”. Instead of going to see if maybe she needs their help, instead they freak out and run away. So begins a series of misfortunes, brought on by their panicked state.

Steve (they all have a freeze frame with a name caption) passes out and dreams of three girls wearing pink tops. Tim almost drowns, but comes to just as one of his bandmates is about to give him mouth-to-mouth (eew, gay). Ben trips over and gashes his leg, and we’re treated to some special effects make-up of his injury (hey, someone put their NZQA film make-up training to good use), Dave is enchanted by a country band getting down in the woods. And poor Pete hallucinates a roast chicken on the head of one of his band mates and almost eats him (eew, gay).

After running all night, the five dudes have almost escaped The Lady Who Said ‘Hey’. But suddenly five chicks appear down by the river. Are they sirens, about to love them up and turn the band into horny toads? Or are they just fives girls on a camping trip? We never find out. The Mumsdollar five run away, eventually emerging from the woods, alone in a grassy field. Oh, ok.

I get the concept of the video, but there’s too much of the band running through the woods and not enough plot or rock. I feel like with the combination of their mum’s dollar and NZOA’s $5000, the band could have made a better video.

Best bit: Steve’s flirt face – watch out, ladies.

Next… community outreach.

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