Evermore “Dreams Call Out To Me”

2005-evermore-dreams-call-out-to-meThis video is a lot of like Betchadupa’s video for “My Army of Birds and Gulls”. That is, it’s footage of the band superimposed in an animated dream world with a simple colour palette. I haven’t been able to find out who directed either of the videos, but it’s always possible they came from the same place.

The song starts out with a gentle pace, accompanied by scenes of the Hume bros floating in a golden world of stars, clouds and trees. Lots of trees. All the Evemore videos so far have taken place in magical dream worlds. It makes me really want to see them in a contemporary rock setting.

About three quarters of the way through, the song suddenly goes up an octave and the drama intensifies. This could be a cue for the video to get to get just as forceful, but it continues with the same level of peaceful tree love. This undermines the impact of the song. A gentle falling autumn leaf doesn’t really signal a big rock moment.

Best bit: the giant spider, who at least makes an effort when the band rock out.

Next… well, you’re not getting the bond back.

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