Minuit “I Hate Guns”

2004-minuit-i-hate-gunsMinuit are a band who have always made stylish videos for their songs, and this time they’ve gone for a stylish animation. The video is also another recipient of the $1500 grant from Positively Wellington Business for the production of music videos in Wellington.

In this situation, the video is set in a classy department store, looking more inspired by the 125-year-old Smith & Caughey’s building in Auckland than Wellington’s 15-year-old Kirkcaldie & Stains building.

The video centres around a posh lady who buys a gun from the department store. Straight after anti-gun protest ninjas attack, splashing red paint and causing chaos. They try to go after the posh lady, but they’re too chaotic and she’s too cool. But as soon as the posh lady leaves the store, she chucks her newly purchased gun in a rubbish bin, sticking it to both arms manufacturers and the anti-gun lobby. And giving the town’s rubbish collectors a special treat.

The animation is a bit stiff and awkward, but that’s the sort of thing that happens with a relatively cheap music video. It could have been better, but it still suits the quirky world of Minuit.

Best bit: the bust of a Star Wars stormtrooper, a target of the anti-gun ninjas.

Next… one night only.

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