Eight “Fall Apart”

2004-eight-fall-apart“Fall Apart” is a one-take video, filmed a block back from Karangahape Road, on Poynton Terrace. It’s a bit more ambitious than your typical one-take video, on account of it being shot using a crane, with the camera doing an impressive amount of moving.

The action starts on the back of St Kevin’s Arcade (including the back steps where we previously saw Jan Hellriegel in “Geraldine”), before crossing the road to visit the Espano Flats.

And that’s where the rest of the video is centred, the 1926 building being put to good use, with both the exterior and interiors seen. The camera flies over a courtyard then swoops up the side of the building, showing the occupants engaged in all sorts of everyday activities. I actually wish there was a bit more going on – the sight of two people carrying a mattress along a hallway is pretty dull. Can’t they put it down and jump on it?

As a love letter to inner city Auckland architecture of the 1920s, the video is a pleasure to watch. But as a music video, it’s rather boring. It doesn’t help that it’s all shot in slow-motion, meaning that when we finally see the band playing the song in a street-front room, it comes as an anticlimax. Eight, you’re not as interesting as an old building.

Best bit: the neat garden out the front of the Espano, a change from the weedy tangle on Google Street View.

Director: Adam Jones
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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