The Mint Chicks “F**k the Golden Youth”

2004-the-mint-chicks-f-the-golden-youth“F**k the Golden Youth” is a 108 second explosion of weird pop delight. The video is all ’80s art-school, with animated collages of random images and felt-tip pen expressions. The Mint Chicks also feature, wearing gold suits and moving with even more of an urgency than the song.

Like a lot of the Mint Chicks’ early videos, this one puts the band at a distance. We only ever see the band performing in wide shot, and lead singer Kody is further hiding behind a pair of novelty sunglasses. The camera gives more attention to the drawings of people in the collages than to the band itself.

It makes the Mint Chicks seem a bit mysterious (by this point they were already notorious for their spirited live shows) and very rock. But can a band get away with being mysterious forever? Sooner or later they will have to be ready for their close up.

Best bit: the giant “CRACK” letters, for the babies and troops.

Note: Despite the video being available on the websites of MTV Australia, UK, US, Norway, Sweden and Italy, it’s not actually on MTV NZ. The video is, however, available to purchase on iTunes NZ for $3.59.

Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… those rock ‘n’ roll kids and their wacky backstage antics.

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