Sommerset “In Between”

2004-sommerset-in-betweenI don’t think this video actually ended up having NZ On Air funding, but still going to include it. “In Between” was filmed by Andy Morton at a gig in Berlin, the same German show that also features in the band’s “Faded” video.

“In Between” is a really basic live video, filmed with one camera down the front of the stage. It’s one continuous shot, but it’s a masterclass in when to move a camera. Andy Morton is obviously really familiar with the song, so the camera is always pointing at the right place and captures all the action.

The potential monotony is broken up by a using a few filters on the footage. It seems to capture Sommerset at their peak and is a lot more compelling than the band’s earlier, more complicated videos. This is how you make a cheap-as music video that doesn’t suck.

Best bit: the on-stage beer fridge.

Director: Andrew Morton

Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

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