Falter “Falling to Pieces”

2003-falter-falling-to-piecesA classic of the “torture the band” genre, director Joe Lonie put Falter and their instruments down a hydroslide. Apparently he used the same idea in the video for Christian hip hop duo Sumix’s song “Jump House”, but could safely recycle the concept given how few people would have seen the original. The Sumix video was filmed at the Waiwera hot pools, so I’ll assume the same location was used for “Falling to Pieces”. Actually – reader Thom says “99% sure the video was shot at Parakai – it’s got a much longer slide with the interchanging grey and yellow panels.”

So, we see the three band members gliding down the tunnel, each playing an instrument. The hydroslide seems to be covered with lichen on the outside and there’s a bit of graffiti which all gives it a kind of broken-down look – not quite a bright fun water park.

The most interesting thing about the execution of the video is how relaxed the band look. There’s no sense of “Woooohooo! I’m in a hydroslide!!!” It’s more just three dudes playing a song and they just happen to be doing it in a hydroslide. It doesn’t help that the lead singer’s hair looks dry and nicely styled.

Because 90% of the video takes place inside the hydroslide tube – and nothing much is happening in there – it actually gets a bit monotonous. Because there’s no visible horizon, the video can be a bit dizzying and made me want to look out the window to reorientate myself.

The near the end a bit of drama happens when a couple of amps at the top of the slide slip down into it. As the band finally spill out into the splash pool at the end, the amps come hurtling after them. There’s the sense that they might have been hit by the amps, but the video quickly ends so that’s never resolved. It’s like the video is ao enamoured with the sitting that it never really figured out what to do with it.

Best bit: the drummer, looking like the only one having old-fashioned waterslide fun.

Director: Joe Lonie
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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