Pine “Days on End”

2003-pine-days-on-end“Days on End” was shot in one take, but it doesn’t feel like a typically gimmicky “one-take wonder”. The video was shot in New York City and focuses on band members walking the city streets, but it isn’t a simple walk around the block.

Instead the band cover vast distances, catching taxis to take them around the city. When we see Aaron and Stephen lip-syncing, the video is slowed down, given a dreamy feeling. But in between verses the action speeds up with the group zipping around the streets, so fast it’s impossible to keep track of their journey.

It’s a chilled-out, lazy song, and the video is just as relaxed. The potentially exotic setting of New York hasn’t been allowed to dominate the video. This isn’t a band who are bursting with excitement at being in the Big Apple. It’s just some people hanging out in a city.

Best bit: the sped-up journey slows down for a little while to feature a couple of old ladies hobbling along the footpath.

Note: The first 1:23 of this video is bars and tone, which is very unpleasant.

Director: Richard Bell

Next… put your serious face on.

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