The Brunettes “Polyester Meets Acetate”

2003-the-brunettes-polyester-meets-acetateBefore we begin, a disclaimer: I have an irrational dislike of the Brunettes, solely because of their name. I’m not brunette, so I felt like they were implying there was some sort of special cool-dude hair club that they belonged to and I didn’t. (Similarly, I was also suspicious of 4 Non Blondes, but the less said about them the better.) But I’ll try to put that to one side and look at this video as objectively as possible.

The video looks to have been filmed on the streets of New York city. Heather’s hanging out on a stoop, drawing in her book when some black-clad hipster start bugging her. They also hassle Jonathan, otherwise happily playing his guitar on a nearby bench.

The pair each turn from the judgemental hipsters and do fun things. She goes shopping with a girlfriend while he plays in a park with his friends. They come together in the park for a sweet frolic. But is this all a dream?

The park romp eventually gives way to Jonathan sleepily sitting in a subway car. He dozes off, his head falling on the shoulder of his seatmate who shoves this snoozy intruder away. And the video ends with Jono walking off into the New York night.

Aw, that wasn’t too bad at all. My only issue is that the video is only available in a lowres version, all blocky pixels and obscured details. Most importantly – I want to know what Heather’s drawing in her notebook.

Best bit: Heather Brunette’s girly trying-on-stuff duckface.

Director: Daniel Monaghan
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… a fine whine.

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