SJD “Tree People”

2001-sjd-tree-peopleThe “Tree People” video takes place within an actual pop-up book. It’s a handmade work, with scenes sketched out in watercolour paint. A pair of hands pushes and pulls the levers and opens the flaps, bringing movement and depth to the story.

The video opens with a large outside a nightclub (Club Sandwich), waiting to see the sold-out SJD gig. Inside, SJD takes to the stage and the audience wave their hands in the air like they just don’t care.

The next day SJD goes for a ride in his lowrider (which I’m sure is an accurate real-life detail) and head to the beach. The beach is full of hot chicks in bikinis, who wiggle their bottoms in appreciation. I feel a bit sorry for them. There they are at the beach, but for some reason there are no guys. Then along comes beardy musician in corduroy with a drive-through mic. Well, any port in a storm.

But this life of bitches and money isn’t for SJD. He relaxes on a hillside and sweetly watches the sunset with a bunny rabbit friend. Of course.

This is a very enjoyable video to watch. A lot of effort has gone into the pop-up book, but behind it is a solid narrative, so it’s real pleasure to see all the bits working together.

Best bit: the slowed down beachside bum wiggles – the male gaze on cartridge paper.

Director: Gerald Phillips

Next… reprogramming.

4 thoughts on “SJD “Tree People””

  1. Amazing! Who made this? I imagine it was either really expensive or really cheap, depending on whether the storybook artist was being paid or not.

  2. Hey Robyn
    Thanks for the support, still think this video is way under-rated (and I still have the original pop up book too!). It was directed by Phelps & Munro by the way, and what’s more there is a totally brilliant new SJD clip for Make Love Ask Questions Later just about to drop in the next few days..

    1. Thanks, Jim! It makes me really happy to know that the pop-up book is still around! And thanks for the other details – I’ve added a note about the director.

  3. Oh and regarding Carol’s query which I didn’t see before commenting – Gerald Philips aka Phelps & Munro directed, Adrian Dentice produced and a fair swag of the budget went towards the illustrations/pop up book but I think everyone who worked on this was on the overtalented/underpaid tip.

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