Augustino “The Silent Film”

2000-augustino-the-silent-filmLast seen in 1994 with his Smokefreerockquest-conquering high school band Halucian, Sean Clarke emerged as the frontman of Augustino. “The Silent Film” was their first single, with the video co-directed by drummer Wade Shotter, who is now a professional director of ads, videos and other delights.

As the video begins, we find the band playing outside at the Wintergardens at Auckland Domain. The video is shot in high-contrast black and white, with digital scratches added for that authentic faux old look.

But wait. Something is a bit unusual. Rotating above the lilypond is the giant A of the Augustino logo. It’s a little bit corporate, a little bit sci-fi and every so slightly unnerving.

But the video doesn’t dwell on that, letting the focus stay mainly on the band. But just when things are at risk of getting a little boring, something unusual happens, thanks to the wonderful world of CGI. Bursting out of the film comes a flying cube, looking like an extra from a Doctor Who episode.

The cube flits about, observes the band (who are oblivious to all the strange goings-on), is grabbed at by a giant claw and then multiplies and attacks the giant A. The cubes retreat into a wormhole type thing where, Voltron style, they form a giant cube. Such is the power of the mega cube that the film melts, leaving only the Augustino logo which proceeds to fall apart. Mega cube 1, Augustino logo 0.

All this CGI mayhem impressed the right people – “The Silent Film” was nominated for Best Video in the 2001 New Zealand Music Awards, losing out to the Stereo Bus’ “Touchdown” vid.

Best bit: the subtle sound effects when the cubes attack the logo.

Director: Wade Shotter and Jamie Dower
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

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