DLT feat Sage and Gravity “I’m Your MC”

2000-dlt-im-your-mcOk, let’s kick off 2013 with not just another new year, but a new millennium. We resume our journey in the year 2000. DLT’s album “Altruism” was the follow-up to his 1996 debut solo album “The True School”. While his first album had the massive number one hit single “Chains”, the first single off “Altruism” only charted at 19. But here’s the kicker – “Altruism” charted higher than “The True School”.

And where “Chains” featured the mighty Che Fu, “I’m Your MC” had guest vocals from two previously unknown American female MCs, Sage and Gravity. The song takes its inspiration from Curtis Mayfield’s “Pusherman”, by way of Ice T’s “I’m Your Pusher”.

But anyway, to the video. Despite being the central focus of the song, the two MCs are absent from the video, and DLT is depicted as a shadowy, limelight-avoiding figure. Instead the video focuses on people who move, with a broad selection of dancers and martial artists doing their thing in front of flaming fiery flames.

The only person not moving is a pregnant woman who stands still, contemplating her swollen belly. Hey, that baby is now a 12-year-old.

Nothing much happens in the video. Once we’ve cycled through the collection of movers kicking, swaying, flipping and breaking, it starts to feel quite repetitive. The song and the video suffer not having the MCs present. If this was a showreel for a performing arts school, then it would make sense, but the visuals feel disconnected from the song. And that’s a pity because it’s a brilliant song.

Best bit: the middle-aged woman with a sword. Fear her.

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision

Next… look straight down the millennium gun.

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